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“This Book Will Propel You to Great.”

Lee Cockerell,
Former EVP, Walt Disney World Resort

Would You Like to Have Money, Health, Honor, Relationships, Knowledge, Leadership, and Success Beyond Measure?

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Book Description

The Surpassing! Life provides easy, time-proven concepts to simplify your life, increase your happiness, and surpass all expectations. With intriguing chapters like Submerged for 70 Days, Behind Closed Doors, and Humble Success, you’ll learn useful secrets that will make you shine:

  • A $23 Cup of Coffee – add over $500,000 to your retirement account
  • Sleep Deprived – learn how to get a good night’s rest
  • Tell Me Your Story – develop new, strong friendships
  • 13 Years – gain hours of productive time in your day
  • This, Too, Shall Pass – become a realistic optimist and take on any challenge
  • Who Are You? What Do You Want? – create new focus and energy for your life
  • Plus 46 more great chapters.

Read fascinating, back-stage stories about Disney’s Epcot theme park and go under the sea on a nuclear submarine. With over 150 inspiring quotes and 200 action points, The Surpassing! Life will encourage and challenge you to take your life and leadership to the next level.

Each section takes only minutes to read, but can benefit you for a lifetime. Find out what other happy, successful people already know, and start living the Surpassing! life today.

Editorial Reviews and Endorsements

“Brad’s book, The Surpassing! Life, highlights many of his Disney experiences and stories as Epcot’s leader. The Surpassing! Life… does just that. The difference between having a good life and a great life is gigantic. This book will propel you to great.

Lee Cockerell Executive Vice President (Retired & Inspired) and Author, Creating Magic Walt Disney World Resort

“Brad Rex is one of the best business leaders I know, and yet he is also extraordinarily successful in his personal life. I am delighted that he is now sharing his “secrets” with the rest of the world in this entertaining, yet very practical book. Anyone who applies Brad?s 52 lessons is sure to wind up in the top 1% of all people in terms of their personal success and happiness.”

Kim Lopdrup Senior Vice President. Darden, Inc.

More “I lead a series of Christian sports camps that host over 10,000 youth every summer. I have known Brad Rex and his family for ten years, and I am thrilled that he has shared his amazing experiences and knowledge in The Surpassing! Life. Every parent should give this book to their kids so they can excel in life and leadership, and the parents should read it, too. This is a smart, happy way to live.

Joe White Kanakuk Kamps, President and Founder, Kids Across America

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$15.95 $12.76

With Discount Code
$9.99 $7.99

Summer Special

Product Details

Pages: 212

Library of Congress Control Number: 2012908191

ISBN-Print: 978-0-9855519-0-2

ISBN-eBook: 978-0-9855519-1-9

Product Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 0.75″.

Publication Date: May 15, 2012.

Printed in the United States of America.

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About the Author

Brad Rex has led a Surpassing! life. He was a nuclear submarine officer, leader of Disney’s Epcot theme park for five years, Executive Vice President/Chief Customer Officer for Hilton Grand Vacations, and a distinguished graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business School. Brad is a noted public speaker, husband for 30 years, and father of three, with 52 valuable lessons for Surpassing! living.

Fun Facts about Brad

  • Brad is originally from Gladwyne, Pennsylvania – outside Philadelphia.
  • He attended the United States Naval Academy, where he was a Trident Scholar and graduated fifth in his class.

  • He was a nuclear submarine officer onboard a ballistic missile submarine. He did five patrols of 70 days each, so he has spent a year of his life underwater.
  • Brad then attended Harvard Business School, graduating in the top 10 percent of his class.
  • He joined the British Petroleum Company, working at their offices in Cleveland and London. He had five different jobs there in six years, including BP Finance, leading an oil trading group during the first Gulf War, being on the CEO?s staff during the turnaround of BP in the early 1990?s, and selling resin for plastic bottles for BP Chemicals.
  • Brad left BP in 1994, joining the Walt Disney Company in Orlando. He led the financial and strategic planning for Disney Parks and Resorts, as well as new business development, for six years. His team did the negotiations and agreement for Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • He then switched to Operations in 2000, and completed 400 hours of in-costume training in fifty different hourly roles and locations across Walt Disney World. These roles varied from Custodial and Housekeeping to Quick Service Restaurants, Merchandise, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Entertainment, Attractions and Vacation Planner.
  • Brad led the labor management team for Walt Disney World’s 33,000 hourly Cast Members and managed Disney’s College and International Housing for 5,000 students.
  • He was named to lead Epcot theme park in August, 2001, and his first full week at Epcot started on September 10th, the day before 9/11.
  • Brad was at Epcot for over five years, during a period of rapid growth, including the addition of four major attractions, and a return to record attendance, profitability, Guest service and Cast Member engagement.
  • In 2007, Brad joined Hilton Grand Vacations, the timeshare division of Hilton Hotels, as their Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, where he led their 25 properties and the HGV Club exchange operation. He achieved an 85% increase in operating income with record owner satisfaction and team member retention, and opened two new properties.
  • In January 2009, Brad left Hilton and is currently Chief Executive Officer of TBRG, LLC, a management consulting company focused on creating outstanding guest service, high operational efficiency and successful growth strategies.
  • Brad is a public speaker, with engagements at various companies, Disney leadership conferences, Florida Hospital, Lifework Leadership, Simpson University, and the New York City Leadership Center. Topics include leadership (Top 1% Leadership: 15 Practical Ways to Reach the Peak); customer service (Building a World Class Customer Service Organization); diversity (Creating A Home For Diversity); humility (Humble Success); and, generosity (Radical, Rational Generosity).
  • He has been referenced in several books, including Lee Cockerell’s Creating Magic, Michael Lindsay’s Faith in the Halls of Power, and an endorsement of Chad Emerson’s Project Future: The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World.
  • Brad is the author of The Surpassing! Life: 52 Practical Ways to Achieve Personal Excellence.

Table of Contents

Why Live a Surpassing Life? 1
How to Use This Book? 3
Chapter 1: Money Beyond Measure? 5
1. A $23 Cup of Coffee 6
2. Satisfying Returns 9
3. Rich Rewards 12
4. Sunny Skies 18
5. The 100 Item Club 21
Chapter 2: Health Beyond Measure 25
6. The Magic Food 27
7. Submerged For 70 Days 31
8. Sleep Deprived 34
9. Zipper Stripes 38
10. My One Pleasure in Life 41
Chapter 3: Honor Beyond Measure 44
11. The New York Times Test 46
12. Blessing or Curse 48
13. Volunteer 52
14. Better Than Gold and Silver 55
15. Twin Sons From Different Mothers 59
Chapter 4: Relationships Beyond Measure 62
16. Tell Me Your Story 63
17. Playing Favorites 65
18. Admiral Rickover 70
19. Can You Hear Me Now? 74
20. Love Is 79
21. Stinky Feet 82
22. Help, I Need Somebody 86
Chapter 5: Knowledge Beyond Measure 89
23. 130 Million Books 90
24. Ask Questions 95
25. To Thine Own Self Be True 99
26. Thirteen Years 102
Chapter 6: Leadership Beyond Measure 105
27. Eagle Eyes 107
28. Sick of Your Own Voice 110
29. Uniform Races 114
30. Ten Cents and a Handkerchief 119
31. Decisions, Decisions 123
32. Hitting the Beach 128
33. This, Too, Shall Pass 134
34. Windows and Mirrors 138
35. Bad Mood 141
36. The Yes Man 144
37. 1,000 Emails 147
38. The Best Question Ever 150
39. Who Cares? 152
40. A Cup of Hot Chocolate 155
41. Santa Claus and The Elf 159
42. Follow the Leader 162
43. Harsh Critics 164
44. Behind Closed Doors 166
45. Be Nice to Strangers 169
Chapter 7: Success Beyond Measure 171
46. Ten Million Hits 172
47. The Best Leadership Book 175
48. Shhhh 179
49. Put Family First 182
50. Thanks! 186
51. Humble Success 190
52. Who Are You? What Do You Want? 194
Conclusion 198

$15.95 $12.76

With Discount Code
$9.99 $7.99

Summer Special


$15.95 $12.76

With Discount Code
$9.99 $7.99

Summer Special