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Would You Like to Have the Best Christmas Ever?

As families gather for Thanksgiving feasts, this week’s post proposes a new approach to Christmas giving that will: – Make sure everyone gets exactly what they want – Give you the joy of helping others – Ensure Christmas day is filled with laughter and magical memories, and – Significantly reduce your holiday stress Sound too…
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Listen to a Podcast With Tips About How to Live A Surpassing Life

Recently I had the opportunity to do a podcast about The Surpassing Life with Sam Certo, Steinmetz Professor of Management at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business. In the podcast, I share insights into the closing of Epcot on 9/11, how to enhance your effectiveness as a leader, and 5 tips to improve your life.…
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The 100 Item Club

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by “stuff”? Have you regretted a purchase, thinking it would make you happy when it just made life more complicated? This week’s tip has three ways to simplify your life and help you to achieve financial freedom.

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Love Is

Strong relationships are hard to gain and easy to lose. This week's tip will help you prevent losing a great relationship with someone, and may even help you restore a friendship. It requires humility and action — two important qualities of people seeking a surpassing, fantastic life.

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Admiral Rickover

This week's tip deals with commitment. Do you feel overcommitted? Do you consistently deliver on your commitments, or do you disappoint yourself and others? I hope the stories and practical ideas shared here will help you to improve in this area, and strengthen your reputation and relationships.

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Better Than Gold and Silver

What is hard to gain and easy to lose? A great reputation. The recent downfall of business leaders, politicians, celebrities and sports figures through insider trading, Ponzi schemes, infidelity and lying demonstrates the temptations that can destroy lives, families and even communities. This week's tip gives you practical ways to protect your reputation, an asset more valuable than gold and silver.

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Sick of Your Own Voice

Successful communication is one of the greatest challenges of leadership. I hope these ideas will help you be a successful communicator, and therefore a successful leader.

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This, Too, Shall Pass

Are you an optimist or a pessimistic? Is the glass half-full, half-empty, overflowing or stolen? This week's tip will help you strike the right balance in any situation.

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130 Million Books

If you want to succeed in life, be a reader. Readers benefit from the "condensed experience" contained in books, gaining wisdom, ideas, skills and encouragement. Make time to read, and see how much more interesting you and life become!

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